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Accommodation and tourism

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The Sundgau

Altkirch and Egglingen, where the competitions will be held, are located in the region of Sundgau in southern Alsace on the eastern edge of France. The hilly region is covered with pine, beech and oak woods, orchards, pastures, fields and ponds, dotted with a multitude of villages. Altkirch, with approximately 6000 inhabitants, is the principal city and historical capital of Sungau. The closest larger cities are Mulhouse in France about 20 km northeast, Basel in Switzerland about 30 km southeast, and Belfort in France about 40 km northwest.

Follow this link to learn more about the Sundgau and its history:


In Altkirch, there are a few hotels and bed and breakfasts (gites). It is also possible to find accommodation, mainly bed and breakfast in the surrounding area. There is a search engine for local accommodation on the website of the Sungau tourist information office on

If you would rather stay in one of the larger cities nearby, there is a multitude of options in all price ranges. Below find the links to the tourist information offices in these cities:

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